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Pink theme

Aqua Theme

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Green theme

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Spring Theme!

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<img title=”Sherman’s PD Cheats Support Banner” src=”” alt=”” width=”208″ height=”185″ /></a></p>


24 comments on “Support

  1. Hey Pandanda Players! Hey Sherman!

    it’s dustin.

    I’m working on my own game like PD.

    heres some stuff it will have:
    – things like quests called missions.
    -a flying animal for a special misssion level maybe something like a flying squirrel
    -hunting for rocks and leaves (mushrooms on PD)\
    -modetors (one like Henry named Dustin which wil be me)
    -Elite Membership wil be $3.50 a month or $10 a year
    -I will choose 5 pandas to be a mod.
    -You can have a home (PD treehouse)
    -You can buy a pet like a bunny.

    (I’ll ost the name of it when I finish)
    (And you can always ask to be a mod)

    • hey dustin its me ultravison ( or ultra). I think your game sounds cool. i have many ideas to tell you about for your game. For example you should have big bats or a bull as a companion. I have many other ideas and i was thinking i can help you if you let me be a mod. i can be the idea mod. lol. let me know by making a comment here.

  2. Lol dustin its ok if you want you can always ask me for some help im good with the blogging buisseness and grahic editing just send me and email and bing bam boom i can help =D it will b e done before you know it so make the forwn upside down 😀

  3. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


    yeah there is stuff just for mods.

    maybe they can fly on big dragons and others cant fly on mini ones

  4. thanks water.

    I can’t go on Pandanda cuz my computer wont load past interface 1
    it should be fixed by Sunday
    but this really got me thinking and I was talking to some guy who is helping me make the game and he said that there wont be problems lke that after you choose a server and it loads
    ( That guy is my computer teacher)

  5. Dude i love the Panda Power support banner! I makes you look like superman or the green hornet or something lol keep up the awesome work buddy 😉

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