Panda Of The Month

Howdy pandas, Sherman here to post panda of the month for February 2014! Everytime that my blog rocks out I was thinking today is the panda of the month! It’s coming on February 2014 so cross your fingers and who is gonna be the panda of the month find out on the first day of February!! This panda was really awesome and fun and she was really cool panda but she was friend’s with anyone and I met her so the panda of the month is…………..








I choose Annamaria9 because she is a great friend, and she help’s new panda’s sometimes in english! She’s been the most active in iPandanda! If you seen her, tell her congrats!

How to be Panda of the Month:

Help new pandas to how to play and then be nice to new pandas

You must have a really good or awesome comment on my blog

Stay out of trouble and do not be mean to each other

Play games like catchin bunnies or ghost catchin with your friend’s

Be an awesome friend!


Don’t give out personal imformation or you will lose to become panda of the month

If you cause any drama keep your drama’s to yourself and behave

Do not give any negative comments or you will lose to become panda of the month

Don’t be mean to new panda’s or other panda’s or your friends if I see you did it you will lose to become panda of the month

Never ever ever ask me to make you panda of the month or you will lose to become panda of the month

Stay safe and be cool to other panda’s and do cool comment’s on my blog

Cross your paws! Read the details and rules so you will become one.

-Sherman’s iPandanda Cheats-


236 comments on “Panda Of The Month

    • heyy dustin 🙂
      type into youtube: hipochicks [my user] and up will come videos of pandanda 🙂 click the clothing compitition 🙂

  1. shermy i just helped out a new person and she thought i was very nice and there was another gurl that i helped and she thought i was so nice that she follwed me everywhere! it feels great after you help someone and made them proud:).

  2. Lol i just helped three pandas today i helped one keep away from bad influences (ultravision)

    2. I helped a panda find out where to collect and sell things (newbie) (Gir5242)

    3. I helped a panda find out and how to use panda gold so when maggie comes with her horses they can buy a horse! (Some random dude)

    This is how I helped others! 😀 I hope i win the panda of the month!

  3. Omg just a few hours left until the very first Panda of the Month is chosen!!!!! I am excited! Good Luck Everyone! 😀


    I wanna win! haha.

    Goodluck guys!

    here ran heres a lil’ quiz for whatever find the ,

    this one should be easier find the 6


  5. I hope to be the last Panda: D
    Why do I love this blog and updated and practical to know!
    If I were to choose the best English blog Pandanda that would be!

  6. sherman when is there going to be a new panda of the month??? is this for april or may bcz u put this only at the beggining of may so im guessing it from arpil right lol

  7. Hi i am Crash1296
    1) i help one panda , she doesnt know about how do quest, i explain how do it…
    2) i said where is the clothing co(where buy clothes to a panda)
    3)How earn panda gold (i said it to some panda)

    • Its not expensive you can even earn panda gold for free but you have to ask parents permission or you can even buy 500 panda gold only just 5 dollors lol xD.

  8. Hey Sherman! I helped two pandas:

    1. I helped a panda figure out how to go to other locations (SnuggleBearr)
    2. I helped a panda cheer up when she was sad. (alicia8899)

    I hope I win! 🙂

  9. Congratz Midnighto Good job and well done!!!!!Keep up the good work. I think sherman picked the right person as panda of the month.Once again WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!GOOD JOB Midnighto!! Sherman i like your blog alot its th best best best blog ever . I love the blog it awesome keep up the good work with your blOG SHERMAN

  10. Hi sherman! I saw peppery do something VERY nice:
    Ok, here its is:
    He Helped a group (6 pandas) of pandas Find out how to add pandas as friends. (because the group of pandas wanted to do that) So, I think that was very nice of him.

    ~ cresent1

  11. sherman, I was at a party that didn’t have that many pandas, so i took some pics to be nice.

    Good luck everyone!


  12. Hi sherman! I help two pandas today (amanda183 and keisha123) And also i added them to be nice.

    Hopefully i win!


  13. Sherman you are a really good designer! I like your blog more than others. Something is more cool and more fantastic. I have famous blog too, but it’s not English so your is better, maybe the best You make the best pics. Can you tell me in what program did you make them? Thanks alot.
    Best Regards,
    totov4e, your pandanda friend

  14. wow i see u almost everyday in pandanda and i didnt know u had a blog..but know i know ill be coming here often..i was reading some commets and im like wow when is this gonna end!!!like more than 100 or so!! ur good sherman keep it on.yeah i would like to be the next panda of the month! 🙂

  15. Sherman, your blog is so AWESOME when it is the first day of the month before i go on pandanda i go to your blog. i even have your blog on my favorites in my laptop.

  16. hey sherman pablo3384 you have him as a friend he help me find friends he told me how to add friends he told me how to fish he told me how to put thing in my tree how to get in my tree how to play bunny chase and he told me how to level up and he told me how to buy cloath is west sthreat he told me how to make faces in safe chat and on key board he told me that ones you reach level 50 u get a dragon he was nice to me he told me all the rules pablo is in level 25 and his elite is going to expire he is really cool and i think he is the nicest person in pandanda i am posting this because of him he expired me to play pandanda if it was not for him i will never be in pandanda but because of him i dicided to stay plz he is cool will u hive him a shot i will not forse u and he check ur blog every day 2 for crying bye do not tell him i post his thx

  17. Hello sher i want be panda of the month. I very want win to reach level 50. i so want that membership code i wish i win. Maybe i be panda of the month winner i so want 😀

  18. Today and yesterday,
    1. I helped a panda find McWiggles.
    2. I told new pandas that safe chat can’t see what we type.
    3. I helped a panda on how to take care of dragons.

  19. Hey shermy today i was on cedar and i helep zero days pandas misslady8556 and bluecherry6573 i adde them and i show where is the oufits shop where they cn fishing and what they can do on pandanda…

  20. hey shermy nice new pics. today i was on darby and i chatcing 107 with no potion. and i forgot today one little panda asked how become a member and tell.

  21. Sherm! Can you make me ‘panda of the month’ plz i helped pandas like 1.i helped a panda find the map 2.i helped a panda find misty hill 3. i helped a panda find the games
    So plz make me it for march
    🙂 from,firetooth

  22. I really want to be the first panda… but doesn’t matter! Even if u don’t win the competition u still need to be a nice panda!!!

  23. Your blog is the very best sher! I’m so glad to be friends with you and so glad for this blog, this all helped me when I started Pandanda! Congrats as well to Koda for winning March Panda Of the Month, and recent winners as well. 🙂

  24. Congratz to all of the Panda of the month winners and to this months in April…….


    Good luck everyone on this!


  25. Congrats Kove! You totally deserve this award. You are on of the nicest and creative pandas I know. Don’t stop being who you are! Hugglez!
    -AvrilLaving2 😀

  26. Hey Sherman! Remember me? Im CuteePandaa , we played ghost chase together. I LOVE your blog and i really like the idea “Panda Of The Month” . I also want to ask you something: Can you give me some ideas how to become an elite? I mean, what should I do to become one? Me and my friend redruby37 would really LOVE LOVE LOVE to tell us how to become an elite. WE LOVE YOU AND YOUR BLOG!!! YOU THE BEST! (this is not a drama) I will wait for your idea. NO MATTER WHAT!! See ya on Pandanda!
    xxxx CuteePandaa and redruby37 (please don’t break our hearts) e-mail me !!!!

    • avril you already know how i feel about you, you make me laugh when i feel like crying sometimes. you have been an awesome friend and i will cherish our friendship always wonder twin powers activate lol! thanks again my friend.

    • thanks morty i appreciate you taking the time to congratulate me, thats what its all about supporting eachother in everything we accomplish, and i hope to do the same for too soon!

    • aswz you are a special friend to me also i cherish all my friends and thank you for taking the time to congratulate me, you keep doing what you do and you too will be posted here one day. hugs SUP!

  27. Hi!
    I warmly congratulate to my bestie Supbra!
    I am very happy to see you at Sherman´s blog like Panda of the month. You really deserve it. You are very nice, great, fabulous and have a style of decorating the house as I 😀
    Sherman! I send a big kiss and hug for having picked a really special panda month July 😀

    • Well lis where do i begin , first i want to start by saying thank you bestie, you probably know me better than anyone else besides the king and you know that your friendship means the world to me,sigh! ok let me get it together lol, no matter what we may go through you will always be my bestie you dont have to question that, i might complain hmm or nagg about you sometimes to king lol but you will always be my bestie besides when youre not talking to me i have to get attention somehow lol simply because im fabulous! keep smiling and be yourself always !
      Thanks again your bestie the one and only Ms. Fabulous Sup!

  28. …..and yet I would add that it is also a nice gift for Supbra´s real birthday, which is on Friday 6th July 😀

    • AWWH! bestie you messed up, my birthday is July 13th lol i know you got it confused with the date i leave for hawaii July 7th lol but its ok your allowed and i forgive you! Your Bestie Sup!

  29. King i just want to say thank you for choosing me, I still cant believe it but i grciously and humbly recieve it. You will always be my best friend and i appreciate everything you do to help when i need it. words cant express how i truly feel about you but my heart reminds me everyday and you will always have a place there forever. You have been a great support system for me and a true friend keep up the good work
    and i hope you succeed in everything you do! I already sent henry an email to see how we can award you and the other pandas who have chosen to take the time to create a blog and making pandanda alot more fun to be on. I know its alot of hard work and you to deserve to be awarded because your MARVELOUS!
    Your friend and Bestie always! Ms. Fabulous SUP!

    • wanted to say thank you asdwz for taking the time to congratulate me, and i hope some day soon you to will be announced panda of the month, you are a great friend also! Much love Supbra!

  30. subra congratz congratz congratz! im so happy for u to be panda of month use ur membership wisely remember lol cya round supbra congratulations again

    • Thank you Ras for your sweet advise! and taking the time to congratulate me. Take care and hopefully you to will be the panda of the month someday!
      Much love Supbra!

  31. Congratulations to Mimioreo1 for recieving a one month membership code compliments of sherman and Supbra! This panda really deserved this free membership as a nonmember she has been very polite and friendly to other pandas and always respectful to others , so when you see her please take the time to congratulate her. Thank you very much, Supbra

  32. sherman when are you going to do panda of month for august i am so exited to see if it is on of my besties like sourleaf she deserves it see you around sherm


  34. awesome i didnt realized u were a super nice panda wow i wish i willbe the panda of the month and be nice to other new pandas beacause i have safe chat mode if u make me flitered chat(if u could ) i will be nice to new pandas and be nice to u .keep up ur awesome work sherman the awesome lol

  35. wish i could win panda of the month
    heres the stuff i did
    1 i did help a lot of pandas
    2 and im also a awesome friend to everybody
    3 once theres a panda who ask me like a bilions of questions
    about pandanda and i answer all them and show her pandanda
    4 i am being nice to everyone but theres a girl that being mean to me
    bye sherman
    – pop14music

  36. Sherman98pc what does rofl mean? i realy want to meat haenry but i raerlyread his blog so when do you know he’s online? is henry really the creator of pandanda? how long does it take to become level 75? i saw that henry’s level one hundred is that possible if a regular oanda can do that?how do you start a blog is it difficult? when doe’s henry post thing on his blog? so when i’m done with this reply will you send a email to me? whats henry’s favirot server? oak willow poplar maple? im level 30 tommorow i’ll be level…31! i’ve heard rumars about people calling you the king of pandanda. i’ve come up with new text talk thingy’s like: ibt (i’ll be their,) etc that was not one of my text talk thingy that’s just an ubreaveation for eccetera. My favirot server is Willow My name is GMax and i have 58 friends and i help loads of beginner pandas that had just created a panda. My birth-day is March 3, 2012 (thats in pandanda of course) and i’m uselly on any time frome 8:00 a.m .to 10:00 or 11:00 p.m. .

    • I want the red pearl guardian staff but its so exspenssive what do i do? I’m level thirty and i have to be level thiry two to by it. I’ts 5200 coins and i have none. Oh also how did you get to the top of ice cream parlour?

    • dowis,

      We do not tolerate cursing on this blog. If you do this again, you will be permamently banned from this blog. Sherman can only pick one panda per month. Do you know how many pandas didn’t win? A lot. Stay Safe!


  37. Sherman98cp I see u alot in pandanda. can u just delete 1 of the friends that u don’t play with and add me I’m always online and I like to play the games like: line four and pen the pig. (I always lose at pen the pig!)

  38. Sherman!! I don’t know if you remember me, but Spark here. I’m just going through old blogs and trying to reconnect with some old friends 🙂

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