Howdy Pandas, to all of you who may have concerns about Pandanda is that I will be able to quit blogging & playing Pandanda or other games (club penguin) due to too much responsibilities in real life and going to move away from the game for good since I have no interest now. I started blogging for 5 years back in November 2010 and my favorite year of blogging about Pandanda was back in 2011 and I had a great year of blogging and when I go look back to other bloggers it helps me to keep blogging and it kept going.  So, I hope you guys will understand. Also, nothing exciting news going on just like same old stuffs that are the same. I will miss you all, but soon young bloggers & young players will hopefully continue a new generation if it’s possible or not. It’s hard to move on and sad while everyone is thinking too much about that, but you have to acknowledge your pain. This is normal & it’s healthy response when bad things could happen. I hope you all will find something that is interest to you and have fun.

Goodbye to all of you and will be missed!


-Sherman & Sherman’s Pandanda Cheats-


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