FreePandanda: Zing Ballyhoo Prize #8 & News for Easter

Hi pandas, today is March and this month prize will be something spring during the spring time. So, there’s a new prize of zing ballyhoo!

If you want to see how many tickets you got, click on golden ticket upper right corner under map!

You must collect 10 tickets to get prize or 500 coins from Zing Ballyhoo. Tickets are everywhere in pandanda land, except the treehouse. Tickets may take a while to appeared, but you have to wait!

Once you had ten ticket’s, go to treehouse lobby on map!

Once you at the treehouse lobby, click on zing ballyhoo!

The Mystery Prize #8 is………..

Bunny Slippers!!!

Here’s a picture of wearing my slippers!

This looks very awesome for your feet. It keeps you warm and cozy for your home when it’s cold in a temperature or outside. So, what do you guys think of this prize? Comment, and let me know!

P.S. Easter will be coming March 15th – April 15th! This picture is from FPDN Forum!



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