Moved to Free Pandanda (Private Server)

Howdy pandas, i’ll explain why did I post about “Brief Announcement”! Well first, it didn’t work out because there was not a lot of people and updates that has not been done quite lately and yesterday there was a lot pandas because they’re from Freepenguin which is closed yesterday. So yeah, I came back to play Free Pandanda & blog about any of this game! So, if I wanted to keep posting then it’s my choice! So, I hope you guys can move to Free Pandanda they got a lot of cool stuffs like back in the old days of old pandanda! Alright, see you guys later! By the way, there was a mod named: Djmuted, Sheriff, Rika & LUISA!Β I’ll posted pictures of them if I have one of these! Here’s a picture of proof they’re a lot of people! If you want to know how to get there click here! I’ll post about the paint color commands when I need time to post!

Here’s the staff list!







8 comments on “Moved to Free Pandanda (Private Server)

  1. Howdy, Sherman! I will give you information for the command !color. !color 11 – white panda fur ; !color 12 – black panda fur ; !color 13 – very black panda fur ; !color 14 – gold panda fur ; !color 15 – dark purple panda fur (from Purple Disco Opening) ; !color 16 – black blue panda fur ; !color 17 – black panda fur (again?) ; !color 18 – dark green panda fur (from Winter Party) ; !color 19 – maroon panda fur. You can find me in Free Pandanda like Rubimir. πŸ™‚

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