New iPandanda is Coming Soon (Update)

Howdy pandas, I know most of you missed Pandanda or iPandanda that much, but there’s new iPandanda that is here and here’s the link for iPandanda or Pandanda thanks to my friend eggplant who told me about this game. Also, here’s the link for it for to join and play now . So, I hope you guys see you soon and have a fun day!

me and luke!




19 comments on “New iPandanda is Coming Soon (Update)

  1. OMG OMG 😮 Really?! < 3 Thanks for telling us Sher .I hope that the private server will open on Christmas – it will be my present for Christmas 😀

  2. the person who gave me the link to the ipandanda um page was Sebastian and the link to ipandanda isn’t on tht site they only talked about it opening on Christmas Day, Sherman said when he gets the link to ipandanda he will post it on his blog. Idk the link yet. Sorry guys, I wish that I knew the link 😦

  3. sher wen u type in the page comes up saying were closing due to financial reasons. I dont think it the link,

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