iPandanda is Closed

Howdy pandas, I had some bad news. iPandanda is closed for like today and there’s no way if it’s gonna run again. Don’t worry good things has to end sometimes but those times are different and we make sure we love Pandanda Games as long as we can remember forever and ever. It feels to me that Pandanda should have a timeline like it’s part of Virtual Online Games History incase we never forget our moments of our life’s together. So here’s a message that popped out!

Also, here’s a quote about good things happen! Good things happen to those who wait, as in endure, not just to the end, but towards it and beyond.

Pandanda and iPandanda will live forever because it’s part of the history of Pandanda and timeline too! So have wonderful day and thanks iPandanda staff for support and making this game so much fun that we all enjoyed it! BIG LOVES, BIG HUGS, and BIG FRIENDSHIP!



11 comments on “iPandanda is Closed

  1. Hi Shermy,
    I just wanted to tell you thanks for being such a great friend to me. You might not remember this, but I do: when I first joined the original Pandanda, you were there. You showed me around and told me what to do. And when I first joined iPandanda (.net, I discovered iPandanda.com after it closed) you were the first Panda I saw. When I typed in iPandanda into the url bar earlier and saw that it was closed, I cried. But then my first thought was: Sherman’s Blog. So here I am. When you see me on iPD I’m all happy and jumpy and crazy, but for once I’m not joking around, Thanks for being a wonderful friend.

  2. Big love, big hugs and big Friendship!? No one treats me a friend let alone love and hugs. Someone said I’m gonna be forever alone. That already hurt much and now people are ignoring me.I left iPd for good. Forever. You guys totally drove me away! Wow you guys are awesome friends! Btw was iPandanda opened for a year? Cuz I totally forgot to come back and celebrate our 365 days anniversary.
    Well thanks a LOT. I love you guys

  3. sigh.. i will miss you so much sher! 😦 it was a great time with everyone! I hope another pandanda game will pop up out of nowhere! i am really hoping to see EVERYONE one day again.. I miss you guys already!

  4. Won’t be surprised if another pirated version of Pandanda comes out……And I kind of think that DDoS attack was fake, not to be rude or anything. Well I’m not going to be a party pooper, so I will the memories of ipandanda and the steps into development it took (even thought it was practically in beta the entire time). It was a fun place to communicate with others and make friends. I have to say I had a great time being a player and a staff member, serving my time and helping others in the world of ipandanda.

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