iPandanda Rules (My Way)

Howdy pandas, today I made a rules for iPandanda so here’s my way!

So here’s the rules if any of you are in different countries!

Pandas should NOT say anything inappropriate, like discussing sex, drugs, religion, racist, similar words that sound like inappropriate (which misspelled any inappropriate words) and bullying (unless your having fun, but not just abusing it could cause  trouble and not getting respect to other pandas) Also don’t make new panda that has inappropriate username on it!

Pandas should NOT give out personal information, like passwords, address, phone numbers, never give out real name, and don’t give out email address unless your fan blogger of iPandanda.net. Because it’s your own private info and you don’t want to give out to other players online.

Pandas should NOT cheat, this means don’t use any cheats! Players and kids should not use cheats it would cause consequences and your parents will out if you did that!

Also one thing, don’t ask me or other players for gift items from gift shop! Seriously, it could get really annoyed and we can’t stand anymore gift item if you kept begging! 

So, I hope you know all the rules and we just want all of you players and kids who are trying to be safe of this game! Be safe and have fun! 😀

P.S. Here’s what Kate wrote about iPandanda Rules that I sended back in December 17th



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