Sherman’s iPD Cheats & The iPD Tour Christmas Party!

Howdy pandas, today we are posting about our christmas party! So, here’s how it goes! Me, & JessicaJ MichaelJ (The iPandanda Tour) are gonna have a party at Bear Hollow which is coming next sunday, and we are giving prizes either from gift shop or from moderator! Here’s are the rules: Don’t beg for items to the host or else you will lose your chance of winning! Don’t get upset or not being fair try to be good sport and you’ll be probably get a chance! When I already said who wins (any username) don’t get down on yourself or get upset you’ll soon get a chance! If you ever beg to me before party or during party you will lose chances of winning! Also, don’t be mean to each other and if I see you do that you will automatically lose chance unless your having fun then it counts! So, that’s it The iPandanda Tour blog has reached 5,000 views on their blog and we decided to give 2 or 3 prizes like it depends though! Here’s the invitation!

Here are the timezones! 10:00 a.m. (PST) If you wanna look at your timezones click here!




So, I hope you all ready for the party aren’t you? Comment, and let us know! Also, there’s only snow in bear hollow, but soon they will put snow around the places! If you want to check out The iPandanda Tour Blog, click here!

-Sherman’s iPandanda Cheats & The iPandanda Tour-


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