New ipandanda Post-Shop Fixed

Shop Fixed

  • Posted on June 5, 2013
  • by Kate
  • in 

Hey pandas!

A big warm thank you to all of you who helped report little things that were going wrong inside iPandanda. Well, thanks to you, we’ve uncovered a massive typo inside our shop. Because of this, some of you might not have been receiving your gifts. If you haven’t received a gift, just come on the iPandanda chat box, and ask a moderator or member of staff for help!

We’re really sorry about this. You can now buy things from the shop and they’ll show up in your account. I’ve tested it for a few hours earlier this evening, and it seems to be working smooothly :3

If you have any more problems, just contact us, we’re here to help you!


Awesome! We can finally get our stuff! Now you guys can stop bothering me about it (jk lol). Remember that you need to talk with a mod to get your stuff if you don’t have it. Hope I see you all wearing your new clothes in ipandanda!

~Admin Ultravison (a.k.a Themanhunt)~



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