New Skype-ultra.vison

Hey guys, its ultra here. This post is not about any new updates or any ipandanda news but I thought I could share this with you. Many pandas have wanted me to make a skype so they can add me. I had a personal one, so I didin’t want to add anyone, so I made a public one where any panda can add me! My user is ultra.vison and my pic is a blue galaxy. On skype you can chat me any questions,suggestions, or any problems or drama on ipandanda. I am a skype user so I already know how to use it, and I feel better using skype then Chatango, therfor I will be on most of the time and be available. However I don’t do video chat, and I don’t talk to everyone, only to certain people on a private call. Well this is the end of this post, again sorry that this is not any ipandanda news or any new blog updates, I just thought it would be great to have pandas add me on Skype so I can help everyone in many more ways.

~Admin Ultravison (a.k.a Themanhunt)~


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