New Blog Post-Scam Alert!!


  • Posted on April 19, 2013
  • by Esther

False emails.

Users from iPandanda have been receiving spam, scam emails; telling people they’re a moderator, or such, on iPandanda, this is not true (sorry!). These emails are potentially dangerous, and we suggest YOU DO NOT CLICK ANY LINK IN THE EMAIL. We, iPandanda, do not email you, and have never emailed you since day one. Report any email from someone pretending to be an iPandanda official here: IS NOT OUR EMAIL ADDRESS.

Here is an example of the fake email sent to one of our users:

Screenshot 2013-04-18 10.48.39.png

So far, we are not sure how they are obtaining user information; however, we can certify that none of your information has been stolen, given away, or sold from our database. – All your details remain secure, encrypted, and secret.

Again, we would like to stress that anything said in these emails are lies, incorrect, and are currently being treated as hack attempts on users. Do not click any link in the emails.

Fake facebook fan page.

We have recently discovered a facebook page, pretending to be iPandanda administrators. This page is not owned, moderator, or created by any iPandanda staff member, and all the information on it is false, and should be ignored. For proper, reliable information use,, (iPandanda Fire), or any other awesome iPandanda blog!

An investigation into the Facebook page, and emails is currently in-progress. The users responsible will be banned.

– Thanks!

Wow this looks bad. Remember that Sherman and I work hard to stop any scams going around. Below I have listed some thing to remember to keep YOURSELF safe. Make sure you follow them!

  • Remember only Moderators can make others police and mod. No one else can!
  • Moderators are people with a purple highlighted name, a yellow M shirt, and a moderator badge
  • Police are people with a P shirt (and will have a blue highlighted name and text)
  • If anyone offers you a special deal or rank, make sure that person is a staff member of ipandanda. If you are not sure ask a policeman or moderator before doing anything!
  • Only ipandanda staff can be moderators. If that person looks fake then don’t take any offers
  • And fianlly, if that person has send you an email don’t visit any sites on it or don’t click any links!

If you have any other questions about being safe ask me in-game or in an email!

Stay safe friends!!
~Admin Ultravison (a.k.a Themanhunt)~

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