mPandanda Updates

Howdy pandas, I just want to let you know that. Andrew are having cool announcement which we never seen or heard before on old pandanda. But, unfortunately I don’t have pictures of it, so I have a list down of what he said about the updates!

  • Quests are coming up soon
  • Lottery (which you’ll have to guess 4 numbers from 0 to 99)
  • Items will be reset after V2 Project is released
  • Earning coins 
  • Selling items
  • New catalog coming on Monday

Also, here’s a picture about after you done quest you earn 100,000 and use a special command and get a special item

Oh, and here’s pictures of items that we never seen it before on old pandanda or any other pandandas

I hope this is going to be fun and maybe coming like in 1 or 2 weeks to make it happen. So be prepare for update!


mPandanda – Project V2

Howdy pandas, as you may know mPandanda is having a low user count which means we got nothing else to do other than sitting around and talk. But, the mPandanda team will have updates that we have never seen before unless they will give us a sneak peek as possible. Here’s what they wrote:

So, hopefully it will be exciting until they released it.



mPandanda – Coins

Howdy pandas, as you may know there’s a new post about the coins system and they like to have it and some of them are not. So, they decide to make a poll of which one you like the most.

Also, if you don’t know how to get to mPandanda blog click this link were it says “mPandanda blog” Also, here’s a link for mPandanda blog as a home page!

Please be aware that if they said “Yes” it will lose all of your items and you have to earn it back and if they said “No” you get to keep your items too!


mPandanda: Exclusive things coming on March

Howdy pandas, i’m posting about the exclusive things that is coming in march on mPandanda. Today, Skippers & Rubimir are talking about exclusive things coming and I believe it’s gonna be fun!

  • Custom items/colors going to be added for Pandas
  • Custom Colored Dragons & Pets
  • Ghost hunt will be fixed
  • More exclusive that we will never know as a secret

So, you guys be prepared for March, and hopefully we shall see until the secrets is revealed!


Finding a Secret Item

Howdy pandas, i’m just letting you know that there’s a secret item hidden somewhere, and thanks to Million who told me that he found the secret item that I never checked it before! Here are the steps:

Click the Left Candle!!

BOOM! You found the secret item

If you ever see Million, tell him thank you who found the secret item from him as I posted it to let you guys know!


FreePandanda: Rules

Howdy pandas, sorry for not posting awhile I felt like I have no time since I was busy doing something but I can cover as long as I needed if there’s anything exclusive. Today, there’s a rules for FreePandanda. So, here’s the list of rules before you play FreePandanda:

So, what do you guys think of this rules? Does it helped you or not. I know some of you might get little carried away, or confused. Comment, and let me know.


FreePandanda: This week update

Howdy pandas. Today I went to the FPDN Forum and I noticed there’s going to be an update found in General Discussion > Removing Halloween Decorations in progress. So here’s what dj wrote & picture what it looks like after removing decorations.

So, this week zing will be gone and there will be egg hunt coming this week. Hopefully there will be easter themed clothing coming and I know some of you might feel overeager or in the hurry before it started. So, wait patiently the more you wait, the more it prevents less boring. I suggest if you doing something interest in your life, that would be ok to do. So, what do you guys think and are you ready to look forward to the events?


FreePandanda: 11.3.2015 updated

Howdy pandas, today djmuted updated FreePandanda and which means the snow is already gone cause it’s almost spring so that we are getting prepared for the season. Also, Auka is gone from West Market Street which means you couldn’t buy any dragons from Auka, but there’s dragons in questy catalog on Treehouse Lobby. Here’s what dj wrote on FPDN forum.

I hope you guys are looking forward to the easter event and hopefully every other places will be back to normal just like in Bear Hollow. Are you excited for this event? Comment, and let me know!