Sorry ipd

Hey guys faips here back for the last rime. Ipd is dead and that is because of b3lal. I did my best to track him down drom the ip he gave me but it was fake and he misleaded me to think he was from the east coast. I am sorry for letting the hopes of our fellow pandas down. I really am. That is why I’m leaving from the ipd chat and from everything ipd related. You are probably never going to hear of me again.

For the last time,

B3lal attack

B3lal has been keeping an eye in sher’s blog… The war hasn’t yet ended. There is a chance, we will unite to seek justice and to bring ipd back… Join me as I take down b3lal for good…

- faips



b3lal attack

B3lal has been keepin an eye in sher’s blog… The war hasn’t yet ended. There is a chance, we will unite to seek justice and to bring ipd back… Join me as I take down b3lal for good…

- faips

iPandanda is Closed

Howdy pandas, I had some bad news. iPandanda is closed for like today and there’s no way if it’s gonna run again. Don’t worry good things has to end sometimes but those times are different and we make sure we love Pandanda Games as long as we can remember forever and ever. It feels to me that Pandanda should have a timeline like it’s part of Virtual Online Games History incase we never forget our moments of our life’s together. So here’s a message that popped out!

Also, here’s a quote about good things happen! Good things happen to those who wait, as in endure, not just to the end, but towards it and beyond.

Pandanda and iPandanda will live forever because it’s part of the history of Pandanda and timeline too! So have wonderful day and thanks iPandanda staff for support and making this game so much fun that we all enjoyed it! BIG LOVES, BIG HUGS, and BIG FRIENDSHIP!



Anonymous Twitter

Anonymous Twitter

Faips here again,

So I was recearching the mask the guy in the “hacker”‘s profile was wearing. So it is called anonymous mask. I recearched a little more and found out that anonymous has a twitter.. So I tweeted then this…



Hacker Proof

Hacker Proof

Faips here,

i was looking at stuff in the iPd chat when I found this :o

interesting huh, (sher plz message him sayin something to scare him)

-Faips (My fifth post in this blog)

iPandanda Come Back Soon

Howdy pandas, just wanna let you know that when I search google on and then which I clicked it, the message has popped out so here it is:


So, I was hoping if iPandanda will come back as soon as possible!


Valentine’s Color Day Review!!

Howdy pandas, as you may know today we having such a blast here at the party, because there alot of pandas who showed us their beautiful valentine’s outfits and this was the First Color Day of iPandanda on my blog! So here’s some pictures and here are the winners!




So, these are the winners and those pictures are awesome & epic! If you didn’t win, then you’ll get a chance to win and like I said everyone gets a chance and they also love to be a good sport like any sports activities! Next Color day will be St. Patrick’s Day, so wear something Green or like leprechaun theme!  Have a Great Day! P.S. Another contest coming this month!


Valentine’s Color Day Coming on Sunday!

Howdy Pandas, I know all of you pandas are bored of, but I can make special event for everyone so, this Sunday is VALENTINE’S COLOR DAY!! Here’s the deal for everyone, you can dress up in Red, Pink, Purple, or White or it can be both dosen’t really matter! So, if you into it, then I will host the contest and taking some pictures too! Two Pandas will win the contest earned  a Propellor Hat!

When I say “CONTEST TIME” it means I will host the contest now! So be prepared and i’ll see yall Sunday!